JSALT 2022 workshop in BaltimoreMonday, 27th of June is the kick of session

What is it like ?

Well, the morning session started with a general session and an introduction of the JSALT 2022 workshop, history and statistics on the participants.
All three research projects have then been presented to an audience of more than 110 researchers and students (half of them attending remotely). 

Each of the teams introduced the topic, the questions they are going to adress and that was the opportunity for a first discussion with the audience to better understand the hows and whys of the different projects.

The workshop is now on !
Starting from this afternoon, the 20 participants from the Esperanto project (7 more to arrive soon will attend remotely today)  will work on developping a multi-lingual and multi-modal speech-to-speech translation system. 
All together for 6 weeks in the same room to make science progress faster, exchange ideas and create collaborations that will hopefully go on for long !



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