Semantic Enrichment Towards Efficient Speech RepresentationsGaëlle Laperrière, Ha Nguyen, Sahar Ghannay, Bassam Jabaian, Yannick Estève

LIA - Avignon Université, France
LISN - CNRS/Université Paris-Saclay, France



firstname.lastname@univ-avignon.fr,  firstname.lastname@lisn.upsaclay.fr



DOI. (10.21437/Interspeech.2023-2234 )

Over the past few years, self-supervised learned speech representations have emerged as fruitful replacements for conventional surface representations when solving Spoken Language Understanding (SLU) tasks. Simultaneously, multilingual models trained on massive textual data were introduced to encode language agnostic semantics. Recently, the SAMU-XLSR approach introduced a way to make profit from such textual models to enrich multilingual speech representations with language agnostic semantics.

By aiming for better semantic extraction on a challenging Spoken Language Understanding task and in consideration with computation costs, this study investigates a specific in-domain semantic enrichment of the SAMU-XLSR model by specializing it on a small amount of transcribed data from the downstream task. In addition, we show the benefits of the use of same-domain French and Italian benchmarks for low-resource language portability and explore cross-domain capacities of the enriched SAMU-XLSR.



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