Exchanges for SPEech ReseArch aNd TechnOlogies 

Our objectives

ESPERANTO will contribute to the development of the next generation of AI; AI interacting with their users for better learning but also explainable systems: systems whose decisions are understandable by humans. In order to make these technologies accessible to the largest number of people, ESPERANTO will address applications with limited resources in the field of rare languages, robotics or education.

Among major events, the ESPERANTO consortium will co-organize JSALT workshops in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University. JSALT workshops consist of 2 weeks of summer school followed by 6 weeks of teamwork on a research topic chosen by the organizers and funded by major American companies. For the second time in 25 years, this key event in the field of Artificial Intelligence will take place outside the American continent and will bring 5 teams of international researchers to Le Mans.


    • Secondment of Oldrich Plchot Ladislav Mosner and Anna Silnova

      WP6: Community Fostering
      Oldrich Plchot Ladislav Mosner and Anna Silnova from BUT (Czech Republic) are hosted by Omilia (Greece) for a first period of 3 weeks.

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    • Secondment of Fethi Bougares

      WP2: Working with low resources
      Fethi Bougares from LMU (France) is hosted by Elyadata (Tunisia) for 7 months

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    • Science & You

      Anthony Larcher presented ESPERANTO project to Science & You, an international science culture event addressed to professionals (researchers, PhD students, heads of museums and science centers, science communicators and journalists...), and open to the general public.

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    • Déclics

      Anthony Larcher participated to the Déclics meeting with high school students, where he presented the ESPERANTO project.

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    • European Researchers' Night

      ESPERANTO project was presented during the European Night of Researchers in Le Mans and Zaragoza.

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    • The LIUM human active correction platform for speaker diarization

      The human assisted speaker diarization platform enables a human annotator to correct the output of any speaker diarization system by providing a graphical view of the diarization segmentation and clustering steps and guiding the human annotator to optimize the correction process and easily improve the resulting diarization.

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    • NIST workshop on AI Measurement and Evaluation

      The three-day workshop aims to bring together stakeholders and experts to identify the most pressing needs for AI measurement and evaluation and to advance the state of the art and practice.

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    • Speechbrain Release

      The first public version of SpeechBrain (https://speechbrain.github.io/) is released.

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    • Kick-Off Meeting

      ESPERANTO Kick off meeting was held online.

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